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  • Escape Escape from the pressures of modern life, even if just for a little while, to share in a peaceful little world of zen. Like dropping musical pebbles in a pond, the ripples move outward and chime with music when they collide, reflecting back on themselves in an ever-repeating pattern. Create ambient or melodic loops without any knowledge of music whatsoever and share them seamlessly on Twitter.
  • What do people say about Loop? Dream Theater/Wizdom's Jordan Rudess - "Beautiful, simply beautiful - Subtle, musical, original, appealing, thoughtful, easy, inspirational. Oh yeah- and free. Thank you!" iPhone App Reviews' Chris - "I was absorbed for about 25 minutes. I sat creating random sounds, tapping the screen to create ripples, sucked in by the melodies and slightly hypnotised by the soft colour fades and gentle ripples."